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Tom Luongo delves into the Ukrainian political situation and the dubious circumstances surrounding the FTX crypto exchange, noting the prevalent Ponzi schemes in today’s financial system, while Bob Coleman provides insights into the precious metals markets and practical advice for prudent metal investments.

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Precious Metal Storage Considerations

This post emphasizes reading storage agreements, understanding the role of insurance and bonds, reducing conflicts of interest, and comprehending potential geopolitical risks, all of which

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Selecting Storage for your Precious Metals

This is a deep-dive blog post focused on helping individuals safeguard their physical precious metal assets. It provides crucial insights into various facets of storage

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Silver: An Undervalued Asset Class

In his latest blog post, Bob Coleman discusses the under-appreciated value of silver in the current economy, highlighting its unique properties and vital industrial applications.

Here's What's Driving Gold to New Record Highs; Also, Keep Your Eyes on Silver