Geopolitics & Europe, Fed Policy, Custodial Risk, Metals Physical Vs. Digital

Tom Luongo delves into the Ukrainian political situation and the dubious circumstances surrounding the FTX crypto exchange, noting the prevalent Ponzi schemes in today's financial system, while Bob Coleman provides insights into the precious metals markets and practical advice for prudent metal investments.


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In Part One of this Twitter Space, we are joined by Tom Luongo and Bob Coleman. Tom discusses the political situation in Ukraine and expresses concerns about the FTX crypto exchange debacle. It appears those in charge want it to just go away. Tom notes the financial system today is all largely built on Ponzi schemes. It’s all a giant con-fidence game. Powell is trying to reduce dollar liquidity to soak up overseas dollar that are returning. Bob discusses the precious metals markets and gives some actionable advice for those looking to avoid overpaying for metals.


Bob Coleman



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Bob Coleman has been in the Investment management industry since 1992 to provide intelligent research, consulting, and portfolio management services to high-net-worth investors and institutions.

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