Shipping Valuable Assets

This is necessary for items to be covered or insured during transit.

When shipping valuable assets to Idaho Armored Vaults, please read the following:

Step 01

Packing Your Package

Please insert a packing slip inside the package.

All items must be double boxed with both the inside and outside boxes fully sealed. We recommend packing your assets before going to the Post Office, an authorized shipping center, or picked up by the courier. Do not identify or otherwise describe the package’s contents to a third party or use words that connote value such as “coins”, “numismatics” “bullion” “gold” or “silver” on the outside box or the shipping label.

Step 02

Shipping your assets

Address: Ship all packages to

IAV FBO client name
2245 North Samantha Court
Nampa, Idaho 83687.

Affix and secure shipping label to package before giving package to the courier.

Self-Shipping: Use a courier of your choice and insure packages to full value through courier. We prefer clients to use United State Post Office (USPS) registered mail because clients can insure packages directly with USPS. Packages should only be shipped on Mondays through Thursdays. Do not ship packages on Friday or Saturday.

If arranging shipping through Idaho Armored Vaults, please contact the representative for additional instructions.

Receipt: It is your responsibility to obtain an official courier receipt that includes a tracking number for each package.

If sending items with “registered mail” service. No plastic tape can be used on the outside box. Only paper shipping tape with an adhesive backing (back needs to be moistened for adhesive to work). The reason is that the USPS clerk will hand stamp the entire package to protect it from tampering.

Please include your packing list inside the interior box. This will help us reconcile the inventory to your records. Please write your address on the outside of the interior box in case the outside box is damaged.

Please mail USPS using priority mail flat rate boxes and add registered service. Please insure for appropriate amount up to $50,000. This will also include an adult signature required. Ensure items are double boxed and outer box is tapped with paper shipping tape not plastic.

Step 03

Tracking Information

Send tracking information after you ship it.

Please have the coins and/or in an inner box with plenty of packaging material so items and inner box do not shift around. Please make sure to tape the seams and corners really well. If you would like to add registered service, you can insure the package as well. If you use registered service, please use only paper shipping tape with adhesive back to seal the outer box. USPS will not accept plastic tape on the outside of the box if sent with registered service.

Here is an example of the tape. Local office supply stores sell this as well.