What Happens To Metals In The Next Market Crash

Over the past year, metal consumers have faced inflated prices and secondary supply risks, yet as silver edges past the thirty mark, prices could accelerate swiftly, already seen in the thousand-ounce bar market, amidst logistical challenges and sourcing issues impacting sovereign coin markets.


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The metals consumer has been in a buyer beware position for the last year. Products were marked up in many cases and investors overpaid for metals. When prices finally do move higher we will see some secondary supply come back into the market. That supply will hamper premiums and will impact prices. Silver tends to always catch someone off guard and once we get past thirty prices could move fairly quickly. The typical western investor tends to buy when prices are heading upwards. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a small price increase in the thousand-ounce bar metals market. Some of which could just be logistics issues due to holidays. Many of the sovereign coin markets including European mints have had problems sourcing supply and prices are moving higher.

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