Testing Inventory


As part of our quality control, we randomly sample incoming inventory which provides a degree of confidence in what we are being asked to store. We have various devices that employ ultrasound and electromagnetic wave technology.

An ultrasonic thickness gauge determines sample thickness by measuring the amount of time it takes sound to traverse from the transducer through the material to the back end, and then measures the time which the reflection takes to get back to the transducer. The ultrasonic thickness gauge then calculates the data based on the speed of the sound through a known material. The gauge will provide a thickness and we compare that thickness with a reading we take with digital calipers. If there is a material discrepancy between ultrasonic thickness gauge and the caliper reading, we will notify the client with the results.

Another device using electromagnetic waves penetrate deeply into the coin or bar. While plating and surface features are largely ignored, the main body of metal can be assessed. This device can see through plastic cases and bags, so numismatic coins do not need to be removed from protective holders.

Both of these forms of testing are non-intrusive and non-destructive.

Earning your confidence and trust is our priority. This builds long term relationships and allows the client to rest comfortably.