Transportation Logistics

As a fully operating armored vaulting service, we can also arrange insured transportation and other custodial services around the world.

Our unique business model creates a flexible approach to today’s ever changing environment. By networking with other commercial vaulting companies, we provide real solutions for individuals and institutions that may not otherwise have access to secure or transport gold, silver, or other precious assets.

We also specialize in taking delivery from the COMEX, as well as, other exchanges and programs in North America and globally.

For example, when demand is high and supply is tight for gold and silver, many investors have gone directly to the exchanges to procure their precious metals. Transportation costs and arrangements can be a deciding input to purchase gold and silver in this fashion. We deal directly with the warehouses or custodians regarding their gold and silver certificates, as well as, the armored courier for pick up and transportation. Having a professional organization helping to arrange deliveries reduces the anxiety and uncertainty for our clients.

We are proud to announce the addition of our own armored carrier service. To meet the needs of our high net worth clientele, we can now offer insured deliveries with our own fully armored vehicle. Unlike other armored carriers who can only deliver to commercial locations, we can deliver to both commercial and residential environments.

Unlike typical armored trucks, our armored vehicle has been designed to not stand out and attract attention. Our service was designed for individuals seeking to take delivery or have assets pick up in a private and discreet fashion. We can provide this personalized service to the lower 48 states.

This additional service continues to separate us from our competition.

In a world of uncertainty and unpredictable events, we offer the high net worth individual, celebrity, or dignitary the privacy and piece of mind that their valuable assets can be stored and delivered at any time by various means.

We have built our reputation providing solutions to clients’ unique requests.