Collectibles and Fine Art

As a leading innovator for safekeeping clients’ precious assets, we are proud to announce our newest line of full service protection. We now store and insure all forms of collectibles.


Wait it gets even better! Flexible access to stored valuables

Our service does not stop there. For clients needing to use their stored collectibles during the year, we can now offer a one of a kind white glove service or red carpet service. Clients can request delivery of their collectibles and while the item is in transit to the client, the asset would be insured for loss due to theft or damage *.

Clients can either pick up the item(s) at our facility or for their convenience, we can ship the item(s) to them. Our shipping insurance policy can provide insured courier coverage while the items are in transit to the client or when the client ships the item to the facility.* Items are always well packaged and protected. This is ideal for individuals wanting high value collectibles at trade shows, ceremonies, business functions, galas, celebrations, or other special events. When the client wants to return the item to storage, we can provide insured shipping back to the facility and inventory the item into the client’s account.*

*(Please note, shipping and insurance charges are extra.)

In addition to our precious metals and foreign currency storage solutions, our new storage solution includes:


  • Collector coins, currency, and stamps,

  • fine arts of every description,

  • gems,

  • precious and semi-precious stones,

  • jewelry,

  • family heirlooms and collections,

  • antique treasures,

  • valuable merchandise and/or property of a similar description, and

  • all negotiable and non-negotiable instruments and papers of value (other than U.S. cash).


Business records, backup computer tapes and disks, accounts receivables, contracts, tax records, insurance policies.


Deeds, passports, bill of sale, court decrees, birth/marriage/death certificates, income tax records, insurance policies, securities, investment identification and contact information, stocks/bonds, titles, trust papers, wills.

**See Fee section for storage cost of documents with no insurable value.

NOTE: All collectibles are stored on a fully segregated and insured basis. For items over $100,000, we simply ask that a certified appraisal accompany the item when it is delivered to the facility for storage.

Collectibles can be stored through our traditional segregated vaulting method or in individual safe deposit boxes.+ Unlike safe deposit boxes at the local bank, items in our safe deposit boxes+ are fully insured under our All Risk Policy through Lloyd’s of London.

+See our safe deposit box section for additional information and cost.

What items are prohibited from storage?

  • Perishable Goods or Food Items

  • Animal Products

  • Combustible, Hazardous or Toxic Materials

  • Explosives, Fireworks

  • Illegal Substances

  • Stolen Items