Protecting client’s purchasing power in this unique economic climate demands a criterion that is dynamic and forward thinking.

Gold Silver Vault in combination with Profits Plus Precious Metals created the most competitive and comprehensive gold and silver storage program in North America. Mr. Bob Coleman, has been in the investment and portfolio management business for over 25 years. During the last 10 years, he has spent an enormous amount of time talking with experts all over the world regarding our debt based monetary system, the current economy, and geo-political climate. His studies continue to point him to gold, silver, and other precious metals. For precious metal investors, there are enormous differences in the methods of investing in this sector.

Although there are many gold and silver programs in the world, none provided all the characteristics Bob Coleman was looking for. Gold Silver Vault’s program was designed around many important issues that investors may have to face. A few factors investors must consider and plan for when owning physical precious metals are:

  • Elevated inflation

  • Danger to the financial system

  • Confiscation

  • Geo-political or economic events

  • Protection and insurance

  • Accessibility

  • Capital and exchange controls

  • Immediate delivery of assets without delay or restrictions

Gold Silver Vault has planned for these risks and has created a program to protect the client’s interest first. When owning physical metal the biggest concern is security for the asset. This concern for safe storage has detracted many investors from owning physical gold and silver.

Paper gold and silver programs are certainly convenient but in most instances individuals are investing in the price of the metal not the actual metal. If you are currently involved with or looking at these programs, ask yourself the following questions.

Does the bullion program or vault lease or actually own the gold and silver they say they have?

How fast can companies turn large bars of gold or silver into deliverable ounces?

Unfortunately, when considering these programs most investors do not think about delivery and accessibility of the physical metal. Most programs are betting that you will never take delivery. Therefore these gold and silver programs’ business plans are not designed for mobility or flexibility. In Mr. Coleman’s opinion, the perfect gold and silver storage program would have the following characteristics:

Clients invest in deliverable forms of physical gold and silver bullion.

The precious metal is stored in an armored and insured vault.

The custodian is independent from the financial and bullion dealer system.

Arrangements can be made whereby the program has the availability to store metal in other countries.

The program offers immediate accessibility to the metal with prearranged options for delivery if the client wants the metal in hand.

Now, there is one program that incorporates all these ideals. Gold Silver Vault provides flexible storage arrangements, reporting, transportation, and delivery of the precious metal. Storing large physical quantities of gold and silver outside the financial system is our specialty.

Why is Gold Silver Vault’s storage program unique?

Not only does Gold Silver Vault have a centralized location, they have created a network to store and transport gold and silver in North America and globally. These relationships include some of the largest security and logistics firms in the world. There are few depositories that can offer this level of service. In addition, Gold Silver Vault has the ability to diversify holdings of gold and silver among regions or countries throughout the world.

Gold Silver Vault’s management is diverse and experienced in the security and vaulting business. Whether your needs are transportation of precious metals or private vaulting services, Gold Silver Vault can design a program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Clients are invited to inspect and audit their metal in our secure and controlled viewing room.