About Us


Gold Silver Vault focuses on transporting and vaulting services for precious metals nationally and internationally. We provide storage in Idaho, USA and at the Singapore Freeport.


Gold Silver Vault provides a full range of precious metal storage and transportation solutions, along with accounting and viewing services to individuals worldwide.

Gold Silver Vault inspects, securely vaults, and internally transfers precious metals (in bar, coin and industrial form) for its customers. At all times, individual’s precious metal inventory is protected and insured with an all-risk insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Please see the storage agreement for further details regarding coverages. We have an extensive array of security controls and inventory management systems.

All employees undergo extensive screening and background checks.

The management team of Gold Silver Vault brings together extensive experience in transportation, vaulting, and security detail. With this experience, Gold Silver Vault can offer a unique opportunity for investors of precious metals by securely storing and segregating customer’s valuable assets.

Evidence of insurance is available upon request.